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March 21, 2010

Turkey and Stuffing Casserole

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My parents business open house was yesterday and we prepared more food than we had customers to eat it!  So, I came home with cornbread and ham and bean soup coming out my ears and a gallon bag of leftover cookies.  I created this recipe using up some of the cornbread.  Because the recipe was “created” and not found, measurements are not exact.  Go with your gut when you try it.  If it doesn’t seem quite right, adjust it.  Let me know too and I can adjust this recipe as well!

6-8 c. crumbled corn bread and regular dried bread cubes combination.

1 carrot, peeled and diced

1/4 – 1/2 bunch of celery, cleaned and chopped (this is a great place to use the leafy ones in the center)

1 onion plus a few green onions or equivalent

1-2 Tbl butter

Salt and pepper

2 Tsp rubbed sage

1-2 tsp poultry seasoning

2-3 cups chopped fully cooked turkey leftovers

3 cups or so of poultry broth (chicken or turkey)

1-2 Tbl corn starch

Crumble up the bread into a large mixing bowl.  In a large skillet, melt the butter and add the vegetables.  Saute until about half done.  Add about 2 c. of the broth and the seasonings and let it simmer for a little bit.  Pour the veggie mixture over the bread and toss to incorporate.  This should be damp but not globby wet (unless you like a wet stuffing, then add more broth).

Place the turkey into the skillet with a little broth and heat through.  Combine the corn starch with 1/4 c. of broth until no lumps.  Pour this into skillet with all the remaining broth.  Stir and simmer until the corn starch clears and starts to thicken.

Put the turkey gravy into a greased 9 x 13 pan.  Top this with the stuffing.  Bake uncovered 350^ for 20-30 min (or until done- mine is in the oven right now as I’m typing! lol)


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