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March 24, 2010

Poor man’s Lobster with Cocktail Sauce

My kids needed to work on a family project involving meal time for Cub Scouts.   My tiger was supposed to help set the table (easy, he does that all the time).  My cub was supposed to make a dessert (cinnamon bread sticks).  My webelo needed to plan a week’s menu, prepare a shopping list, help with grocery shopping, and prepare one meal.  He loves seafood and wanted crawfish or crab or lobster for his meal.  I took him to the store.  He found crawfish, precooked w/ cajun spices.  We can’t eat cajun at our house so that was out and boy was he disappointed.  Next he found the King Crab and cheerfully said, “it’s only $10.99 mom!!!”  I looked at the package.  It was 10.99 per pound making the total purchase $25.00.  I explained that we could not afford to spend that much on just the meat for one meal.  That is what we would spend for the meat for 2-4 meals depending. . .    He then went to the shrimp section and begged for coconut battered shrimp.  To serve 5 of us we would have to buy 3 packages and that would cost $18.  I showed him the less expensive breaded shrimp and he grudgingly agreed that we would do that (Vande Camps fish was completely out of the question- lol).  The kids love to watch the lobster in the tank and so we passed by there and my webelo noticed the imitation seafood and it was on sale for .99 a package!  I asked him how he wanted it cooked, breaded, pan fried?  He said he wanted it just like it was but hot.  So this is what I came up with and it turned out fairly decent


8 oz imitation lobster or crab meat (pieces, not flakes)

1 1/2 – 2 Tbl Butter

2 Tbl lemon juice

On medium low heat, melt butter in skillet (butter burns much quicker than margarine).  Separate the pieces of imitation seafood and  put them in the skillet.  At this point, you can turn the heat up a little if you watch closely.  Let the seafood simmer (no lid) until lightly browned (very light- it just needs heated through) on one side.  Turn and brown on other side.  Add 2 Tbl lemon juice, stir to coat all pieces.  Cover and turn to low heat until ready to serve (5 min or so is how long we left it)  Serve with cocktail sauce or on buttered noodles.  Serves 2. 

Cocktail Sauce

3 Tbl ketchup

1 tsp horseradish

dash of worchestershire

Combine and serve.  These ingredient amounts can be adjusted to suit your taste.


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