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March 28, 2010

Tacos made simple and “preservative free”

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My dh can’t eat many of the “flavor packets” that come in traditional, modern boxed foods.  Because of this, I make most things w/o a box and “instructions on the back”. . . . .   But this has forced me to be a better cook!  I love it!  Tacos are a perfect example of simple and w/o flavor packets.  Many people look at me in amazement when I serve tacos without the seasonings!  But think back in your history book in your head- did authentic Mexican natives or Southwest Americans use flavor packets 100 years ago??  NO!  They seasoned with food! 

You only need a few basic ingredients to make simple tacos and you can add more ingredients as you fancy things up to your liking!

The recipe:

1 lb ground beef, turkey, or combo

1 very small onion chopped (or equivalent)

salt and pepper

1 package soft or hard taco shells or homemade equivalent

1/4 head of lettuce torn into bite size pieces

8 oz package or equivalent of shredded cheese (chedder is best but any flavor will do)

your favorite taco sauce or salsa (homemade salsa would have no preservatives)

Brown your meat, onion, and salt/pepper in a large skillet, drain fat, and divide meat among your shells.  Serve these toppings listed and any others (sour cream, guacamole,etc) on the side so people can decorate their own!

This makes about 8-10 tacos.  If you don’t have more meat, you can stretch this by adding shredded or diced potatoes potatoes to your browning meat and cooking until they are soft.  This is traditional to authentic Mexican at least that’s what they do at the food stand at our local festival!  lol  You can also exchange lettuce for finely shredded cabbage.

We served these last night with fresh pineapple and Magic Milk Shakes (

When I have a moment or two more than I do today, I’ll post my salsa recipe on here.  It is currently located at my other blog  I also make homemade flour tortillas that I can post here as well.  If you like soft corn tortillas, you need a tortilla press and a good corn “masa” mix.  I bought my press at a garage sale and I get my masa mix from Aldi.


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