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April 17, 2010

POC Smoothie by first born

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All of my kids love to cook and help in the kitchen (well, except for the clean up part but I’ll admit they get it all from me!). My oldest is working on 12 years old (in Aug) and his new “feat” in the kitchen is his mastery of. . . .. . . . . .THE BLENDER (enter theme music from Jaws here).The other day when the boys got home from school I was busy helping their dad outside and so I left them to their own devices for snacks. Picture this:

I walk into the house to check on them. The 1/2 gallon water coolers I had rinsed out and turned upside down on the counter to air dry earlier in the day had been pushed aside to make way for. . . . .the blender (Jaws music again), ice cube trays, and opened cans of fruit right out of a horror film. First born couldn’t find the regular can opener but he did find the opener that makes the triangle-shaped punctures in cans for pouring juice out. So he had made triangle-shaped puncture after puncture until he could open up the cans he needed for his smoothie. There were drizzles of juice and melting pieces of ice everywhere!

I really did laugh at the site because not even a week before I thought I would whip some cream in the blender instead of using the mixer. I also thought that as an adult I would be capable of scraping down the sides of the blender with a metal spoon. . . . . WHILE IT WAS RUNNING! I had successfully done this the last time and why I pressed my luck, I’ll never know. The spoon, of course, touched the spinning blades, kicked back, and blew yummy REAL whipped cream all over the kitchen and all over my face as I peered down into the blender to make sure I was careful not to do exactly as I had actually done. So first born’s mess really was nothing in comparison. . . . .

. . . . . AND his mess tasted really yummy too! (you thought I had forgotten that this was a recipe blog didn’t you?)

POC Smoothie by First Born

1 standard size can pineapple (we use natural pineapple juice kind and not the syrup one)
1 small can mandarin oranges, drained or one peeled, seedless orange
Coconut Cream (he said he used 1 Tbl but I’m guessing since half the can was gone after 2 batches that he used more- so add enough to your liking!)
Ice (at least one tray)

Blend in your blender (with the lid on and without using a spoon to scrape down the sides) until the ice is well blended into the fruit. Makes 2 large or 4-6 small servings that can then be re-frozen as popcicles if desired.

Slight alterations: Coconut cream can be quite expensive (we found ours at a scratch and dent store for $1 and that is a real steal) so you can replace that with flaked coconut. It will be less creamy this way so if you like it creamy you can add some yogurt or a banana to it. Taste before serving because you may need to add a little sugar or honey this way as well.

You can also omit the oranges all together if you like and make a “pina-colada” the boys think it’s neat getting to drink an “adult drink” that is kid friendly.

Or you can omit the coconut and add a banana for a pine-orange-banana smoothie.

This can also be made a little more hearty and served as a breakfast drink by adding any of the following or combination, powdered milk, yogurt, soy protein, or a very fresh raw egg-if you dare (more Jaws music please). These will add protein and make it more of a meal and more likely to keep a tummy full until lunch time.


Oh and one more thing- when you make this, you must let your kids help you! They will think it tastes better having had their fingers involved in the preparation!

God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif


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