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September 13, 2010

Buffalo Chicken Dip

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A couple of winters ago, I traveled 45 min. to enjoy the company of some old friends, meet some new ones,  and just have a nice evening away from the kids and drudgeries of life.  I showed up prepared with my bottle of Coca Cola and was enticed by the wonderful smells coming from the church ladies spread of snacks and appetizers.   One of my newer friends, who is really an old friend I just hadn’t met until recent years (you know the ones, when you do meet it seems like you knew each other you whole life?), provided the most delicious dip that evening and I had to have it!!   I decided to share it with all of you but for purely selfish reasons.  With tax season going on, I fear I might forget where I put the recipe if I don’t put it somewhere safe.  What better place to store a prized recipe than in paperless form on the web!!   Count your blessings that I’m sharing it at all, ladies- no matter what my reasons are!

1 pkg cream cheese, softened

1/2 c shredded cheese

2   12.5 oz cans (or equivalent) chicken

1/2 c Franks Red Hot Sauce (or more)

1/4 c ranch dressing

Heat all together on the stove on low till melted.   You can then serve from there or transfer to a crockpot and held on warm.

Serve with heavy tortilla chips or fritos – ones that will hold up to a thick dip.

AND don’t let the Franks Hot Sauce scare you.  It bites but it’s not killer, smoke coming out your ears hot.  The cheese and ranch dressing tone down the hot to just perfect in my book.

Thanks, K!!  You’re an old friend. . . .. . .not old in age because you’re still a baby really but old as in it seems that we were friends from birth or something!  I thank God that A had two brothers so you had a good excuse to show up in our lives!!!  Give K, J, and B a hug for me (M too if you feel the need. . .lol)


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