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September 21, 2010

Homemade Cheese Crackers

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Who in the world would make their own crackers?????  Okay, I do but I don’t make them every day. . . . I do go to the grocery store now and again.  But have you ever tasted homemade crackers??????  They are awesome and these ones are more addictive than Cheez-its!!!  The most wonderful thing about them is that small children can help. . . .

The Recipe:

1  1 /2 c. flour

6 Tbl shortening

1/2 tsp salt

dash of pepper

1 c. grated cheese (sharp cheddar is best but any will do)

 5-6 Tbl ice water

Combine the flour, shortening, salt, and pepper as you would for pastry or biscuits- cutting the shortening into the flour until you have crumbles the size of peas.  Toss the cheese to coat the cheese with the crumbles.  Then add your water- it must be ice cold!  Stir only enough to moisten the dry stuff.  If you have it beginning to ball up and there is still some flour in the bottom of the bowl- that’s when you would add that 6th Tbl of water. 

Like pie dough and biscuits- the less you handle this dough the better.

You can then roll it out between two wax paper sheets until it is thin like pie crust and cut into squares or if you happen to have a cookie press you can press the dough through it to make “straws” or little sticks.  Bake at 400^ for 10 min or so- until you get a nice golden brown and the cheese seems to sizzle around the edges. 

Serve warm just like they are or you can make them ahead and serve with dip or whatever. . . . .YUMM!!!!


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