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April 27, 2011


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This is one of those recipes that is for those evenings when you come home and say, “what am I going to make for supper!” and look in the cupboard and realize the only thing slightly close to a quick meal is a bag of tortilla chips and they’re stale. .. Well, they don’t have to be stale but this is a great way to use them up when they are!

The Recipe:

Tortilla Chips- enough for a thick layer of them on a cookie sheet
Shredded Cheese- enough to sprinkle on the chips- the more the better

Any of the following:
Ground Beef- browned
Leftover beef or chicken- shredded and re-heated
Taco Sauce
Sour Cream
Black Olives
Lime juice

Sprinkle that cheese on the chips and melt it in the oven on broil (this only takes a minute or two). Place a pile of this gooey, chewy mess on each plate and pass the other ingredients around the table for a fabulous fiesta styled dinner! Enjoy!

Side note- I love the new lime flavored tortilla chips and Doritoes but I do not recommend these for this recipe. The flavoring burns quite quickly. If all you have are flavored tortilla chips, do not turn the oven to broil. Instead bake them in a slower oven (300-350^) for a longer period of time until the cheese melts. Check them at 5 min. and then every 1-2 minutes thereafter until it’s melted.

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