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April 5, 2012

Use up those Leftover Easter Eggs

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As I look in the fridge at the nearly 2 dozen of boiled eggs and smell that funky smell they leave, I am reminded that I need to get them used up.  Some people like to  just eat them as they are with a little salt and pepper, but I like to make stuff with them.

Here are some ideas:

  • A salad with dark greens,  red tomato, purple onion, and a sliced boiled egg with your favorite dressing on top.
  • Egg salad sandwich  Recipe – use about 2 boiled eggs per person.  Remove the shell and rinse.  Smash the eggs with a fork or chop them well.  Combine this with a little salt and pepper and start with about a teaspoon of mayonnaise per person and a drop of mustard (optional).  Mix well and add more mayo until you get the consistency you like- some people like a litttle mayo and some like a lot.  Spread on bread and top with a little lettuce.  You could also add a little bacon or bacon bits or ham to this but warn those who eat it so they don’t mistake the meat for egg shell chunks (lol)
  • Deviled eggs–  if your eggs peel easily (to have them peel easily, you need to use eggs that are at least a couple weeks old from the store or a month old if they were fresh from the farm).            Recipe- Carefully peel and rinse your eggs.  Carefully slice them in half the long way.  Pushing up from the outside slightly you can easily “pop” the yolk out with a teaspoon.  Put the yolks in a small bowl and lay the empty whites on a platter.  Mash the yolks with a fork and add about one teaspoon mayonnaise for every 3-4 eggs.  Add a dash of salt and pepper and a dot of mustard.  Mix well.  If you want a creamier consistency add a little more mayo until you like it.  Refill the whites with the creamy yolk mixture (I use my small cookie scoop, some use a frosting decorator thingy, and some just use a teaspoon and their finger).  If you want to dress them up, sprinkle with Paprika or pepper.
  • Creamed eggs on toast.     Recipe- Make a thin to medium white sauce (basic recipe found in most cookbooks and on the side of most corn starch containers).  Once thickened, turn to simmer and stir in several sliced boiled eggs and some salt and pepper.  Serve on toast.  To dress this one up a little or make it a more substantial meal, you can also stir in some leftover chopped ham or lay a thin slice of ham on the toast before spooning the creamed eggs on top.  Can also be sprinkled with some shredded cheese.  This is my favorite use of boiled eggs!!
  • Boiled eggs can also be added to chicken or tuna salad to stretch the meat a little further.
  • Boiled egg yolk is sometimes used as a thickener in homemade salad dressing too.
  • Hot Chicken Salad (can use ham instead if you like)- it uses boiled eggs.  The one I have tried is:  1 cup chopped chicken, turkey, or ham.  Heated on low with 1 Tbl butter, 1 Tbl water.  When heated through, add dash of salt, pepper, and celery salt.  Stir in 1 Tbl lemon juice, 1/3 c. mayonnaise, 2 chopped boiled eggs and 1/2 c diced celery.  Serve on biscuits.  I found this to be a little thick- if it is for you too, a cream sauce can be added to it or some cream of chicken or celery soup.
  • I had a recipe for a Chicken and Boiled Egg loaf (like meatloaf) but can’t find it right now.  It was very similar to the chicken salad recipe above but baked in a loaf pan and served like meatloaf.  You can play around with that idea and see what you can come up with!
  • Noodle Dish Dressing

3-4 boiled, diced eggs

1 small onion diced

3-4 Tbl sour cream

1 Tbl water

1-2 Tbl vinegar

pinch salt

Combine all ingredients well and serve on top of hot egg noodles.

  • I have a Favorite Potato Salad recipe that’s a little different.  It is a little more complicated than some but I think it’s worth the effort.

In a small saucepan, bring to boil:

1/4 c. vinegar

1/4 c. water

1/4 c. sugar

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp mustard

dash pepper

1 Tbl diced onion

In a separate bowl, beat the boogers out of

2 raw eggs.

Reduce the heat of your saucepan mixture and while stirring with a wisk, slowly pour in beaten eggs.  Cook until thickened, stirring constantly.

Beat in 1 c. salad dressing (I prefer Hellman’s mayonnaise) and remove from heat.

Pour this dressing over:

2 chopped boiled eggs,

4 c. cubed and cooked potatoes (I prefer to use potatoes that are still warm)

1/2 c. diced cucumber or celery (I prefer the cucumber)

Toss to coat.  Serve warm or chilled.

  • Macaroni Salad -The following ingredients are my favorite combination for macaroni salad.  I do not have amounts listed because I don’t measure this one.  Combine the ingredients using the amounts  you have available and use enough salad dressing (Hellman’s is my first choice) to make a creamy salad.  Refrigerate (may add more salad dressing at time of serving)

Cold cooked Macaroni noodles

Thawed Frozen Peas

Diced Ham

Boiled Eggs, chopped

Cubed chedder cheese

Green onion or sweet onion- chopped

Salt and Pepper

Celery seed or dill weed (optional)

  • Our local rural electric cooperative magazine has a recipe section and I found a very simple recipe called 1930’s Depression Casserole.  Instead of boring you with the minute details, I’ll give you the simple version.

peeled and boiled potatoes

peeled and boiled eggs

saltine crackers (soda crackers)- crushed

medium white sauce (well salted and peppered)

Basically all it is is layering the sliced potatoes, sliced eggs, and sauce in a buttered casserole and topping it with crushed crackers.  Bake in a slow oven until heated through.  I can only imagine this tasting even better with some cheese in it or a little ham but since it is a depression recipe, these were probably hard to come by back then.

These recipes were previously posted on my other blog, www.   but have been reformatted here.


December 5, 2010

Cabbage Salad

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Also known as Ramen Noodle cole slaw- it’s excellent!!!

The Recipe:

1 – 3 oz pkg ramen noodles (beef or chicken flavor is best)

4 c. shredded cabbage

1/3 c. slivered almonds (peanuts or sunflower seeds would work)

3 green onions sliced thin, including greens

1/2 c. vegetable oil

1/3 c. vinegar (cider vinegar preferred)

3 Tbl sugar

In large bowl, break up raw ramen noodles into small pieces.  Add veggies and nuts.  In a small bowl, combine oil, vinegar, sugar, seasoning packet from Ramen noodles.  Pour this over cabbage mixture and toss to coat.  Serve immediately. 

If you want to make it ahead- have noodles broken up and ready and have nuts all measured out but don’t add either of them until the time of serving.

November 29, 2010

Egg Nog

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This is the recipe my mom taught to me from “the old school”- back when raw eggs were not a concern.  If you do not consume raw eggs, simply follow this recipe exactly and then cook the egg nog on low, stirring constantly until it almost reaches the boiling point.  You can serve it warm or cold.

The recipe:

3 eggs

1/2 tsp salt

3 heaping Tbl sugar

1 1/2 tsp vanilla

4 c. milk (approximately)

3 shakes of nutmeg (optional)

Crack fresh eggs into blender.  Blend on high until frothy.  Add sugar, salt, vanilla, and blend until frothy again.  Add enough milk to fill to the top line of the blender.  Blend for 2 min. on high.  Add nutmeg and give it a quick blend to incorporate or sprinkle on top after it’s been poured into glasses.  Serves 4-6

September 15, 2010

Scrambled Eggs with Ham

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Hot breakfast??!! In this day and age??!! You’ve got to be kidding!!! Right?!!!?? No, I’m not kidding!! At our house, we have farm fresh eggs and often-times those wonderful feather-covered girls in our barn give us way more eggs than we use. . . . . well, they did until I started cooking eggs for breakfast nearly every morning! Scrambled eggs are simple, easy, and an excellent source of protein to keep the hunger pains/pangs away until lunch. And putting your meat into the eggs is a great way to save money on breakfast meat because you are using a taste of meat instead of a whole serving of meat per person. These truly take only minutes to prepare. If you have less than minutes in your morning, you can crack the eggs the night before so all you have to do is pour in the morning. If you have a quart jar with a lid or something similar, that is the perfect storage container.

Here’s what you do:

  • The night before crack enough eggs into the jar to feed your family (we serve 5 people and I use 8 eggs)
  • Add approximately 1 Tbl of water or milk for every egg (I “guesstimate”)
  • Put the lid on tightly and shake like you’ve got a bee up your shirt or ants in your pants.
  • Put it in the fridge and while you have the door open, grab the ham out.
  • Dice up enough ham to add “flavor” to your eggs. We use Hormel’s’ Natural Ham in the cardboard box in the lunchmeat section and I use 3 slices. Throw this into a ziploc bag or small container and sit in the fridge on top of the egg jar (this makes it easy to find before you’ve had your coffee).
  • Go to bed.
  • Get up with your alarm, turn on the kid’s bedroom lights as a gentle wake up call and head to the kitchen, making a pit stop at the bathroom on your way.
  • Drink a tall glass of water and put a skillet on the stove.
  • Turn the heat to medium high, and lightly grease the skillet
  • Get your ham and eggs out of the fridge and dump the ham into skillet.
  • Get the coffee-pot started
  • Shake your egg jar as best as you can when your eyes are still slits in the morning and pour the contents into the skillet (be careful not to pour this into the water reservoir of your coffee pot or it will turn out to be an ugly morning)
  • If awake enough to think about it, sprinkle some salt and pepper in there.
  • Turn the heat down to just above low and go wake any sleepy heads who didn’t take to the gentle “light reminder” a few minutes ago.
  • Make sure the kids are up and moving and then go down and stir your eggs.
  • Check on the kids again and splash a little cold water on anyone who might still be in bed.
  • Go back and stir the eggs again
  • When everyone is awake enough to not need you nagging at them to get ready, turn the heat back to medium or high (depending on how much time is now left in your morning, keeping in mind that it takes a minimum of 3.2 minutes to swallow enough eggs to be considered having eaten breakfast)
  • Throw this wonderful hot breakfast on paper plates, shove a fork into the hand of each child and say in your sweetest June Cleaver voice, “now eat up, kids and have a wonderful day!”
  • If there is time for toast and juice and milk- you are having an awesome morning! If there is no time, yell at the kids when they are brushing their teeth to drink some extra water when they rinse because that’s all there’s time for. . . .
  • Grab their backpacks and shove them out the door!
  • When the bus pulls away, sit down for 30 seconds and exhale because you have earned it! (if you are a working mom, don’t sit down, run to the car with your coffee to go, turn on some classic rock and go to work, thanking God for yet another wonderful June Cleaver morning)

Note- working mom’s please notice that I said to sit down for 30 seconds for the stay at home mom’s. That’s all the time we’ll have because the phone will start ringing or the cat will start howling or the washing machine will start calling our name!!


God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif

September 13, 2010

Real Pizza

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I watched a documentary on PBS a while back about pizza and how it’s really made in Italy. 

Here is my version of authentic Italian pizza:

Homemade pizza dough spread onto your pizza pan but not baked (you can fake this part if you want to but it won’t taste like mine unless you do this step from scratch- LOL)

Lay thinly sliced tomatoes on your crust.  You don’t have to cover the entire thing.

Sprinkle with basil, green onion, and feta cheese

Drizzle olive oil on top of that in a thin line (like they drizzle chocolate icing in those lines on the doughnuts at your local doughnut shop).

Bake in a hot oven until the crust is done.  Feta Cheese doesn’t melt like other cheeses so you can not tell it’s done by the cheese.

Tomato Zucchini “Lasagna”

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2 medium or 1 large tomato

1 similar sized hunk of zucchini

1 medium onion  (or some green onions)


olive oil (any oil would be fine)

salt and pepper

Muenster cheese (or any mild cheese: mozzerella, colby, provolone, etc)

Well grease the bottom of a baking dish the right size to fit all of this into (depends on the size of your veggies).  Preferably only 3 layers (of each) deep so the cheese will be able to penetrate through all of it.  Slice your tomatoes as thin as possible (I have a special tool from Pampered Chef that helps immensely with this) and lay a single layer into the well-greased dish.  Sprinkle some basil, salt, and pepper on them.  Next slice your zucchini about the same thickness as the tomatoes and lay a single layer into the dish.  Next layer some onion in there.  I like mine sliced really thin but if you are not a huge fan of big chunks of onion, just chop it up fine and sprinkle it on.  Repeat the layers until all your tomato and zucchini are used up.  Well, not your entire harvest, just the amount you want in this dish- silly people!!!!  Mine ended up with a layer of tomato on the top and this helped make the cheese more liquified.  But you also want to start with a tomato layer on the bottom as well to keep things from browning too much.  Next layer a heavy layer of cheese.  I just sliced my cheese and covered the entire top with cheese.  If this is going to be a main course, put extra cheese.  If this is a side dish, you can probably go lighter on the cheese.  Bake in a moderately hot oven (I think mine was 400^) for 20 min. or until the cheese is melted and browning and bubbly.  Let sit for a few minutes while you set the table before serving it- it will be really hot.   Cut in squares- I matched my squares up with the size of the zucchini slices.  Delicious!!

August 26, 2010

Breakfast Burrito

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I had a few flour tortillas left over from taco night the other night and decided to use them for breakfast this morning! You can really fill them with just about anything but here is what I put on mine:

The Recipe:

For each person’s burrito, you will need:

1 egg
1 slice of ham
1 thin slice of onion
1 handful of mushrooms
1 burrito sized flour tortilla
1 slice of cheese
salt/pepper to taste

Preheat your skillet to medium/high heat and then spray with oil. Crack your egg into one corner of the skillet. Sprinkle with salt/pepper. Then lay your ham, onion, mushroom in the rest of the skillet. If you like your onions/mushrooms to be soft and not just heated through, put them in the skillet a minute or two before the egg. Turn everything over to get both sides cooking. Once everything is turned, lay your flour tortilla gently on top of everything to warm it (the roll/fold nicer and taste better warmed up). When it is soft and pliable (maybe a minute?), remove it to a plate. Slice your egg, ham, and onion in half and carefully layer everything onto the bottom portion of your tortilla. Fold the bottom up to cover your ingredients, fold the sides in to keep everything from squishing out all over, and then roll up. Serve with seam side down (sometimes I put a tiny piece of cheese at the seam and return it to the skillet for a few seconds. the cheese works like the glue on an envelope).

Now, if you have 5 minutes, sit down and enjoy this! If you don’t- put your coffee in a to-go cup, wrap your burrito in waxed paper (paper towel may stick to it) and get out the door!! Have a great day and remember that your mom loves you!!! 01.gif

Other possible ingredients- feta cheese, olives, peppers, sausage, hot sauce, crisp bacon, you name it!!!


God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif

May 15, 2010

Taco Pizza

My second born loves pizza! He also has quite a sense of humor and he has recently been combining the two. Around the 4th grade, kids learn how to make comments that are really funny to other kids but quite annoying to adults. 2nd born is a genius at this! When grown-ups ask him a question and he either doesn’t know the answer or just doesn’t want to answer them, he replies with the following statement:

“I like pizza”

His Sunday School teacher could be asking him about Jesus, his school teacher could be wanting an answer to a math problem, I could be wondering if he remembered deodorant, etc. – The answer is:

“I like pizza”

Funny, huh?! (not really, especially when it’s me asking the question!) 20.gif

Anyway, back to the recipe. I found a recipe for pizza that pizza-boy won’t lay a hand on.

The Recipe:

The amounts for each item are determined by you- it all depends on how you like it!

Refried Beans

(I prefer the fat free store brand, I like them!)

Taco Sauce

(mild Taco Bell or El Paso are my favorites)

Yellow Cheese, shredded

(Cheddar is best but any cheese will do)

Chopped Onion

( I usually have yellow onions on hand but white or purple ones have better spanish flavor)

Diced Tomato, with the juicy seed parts removed

Chopped Lettuce

Crushed tortilla or corn chips

Optional additional ingredients:

jalapeno slices

black olives


Spread your refried beans onto your favorite pizza crust (it can be pre-baked if you like or un-baked- it’s all good!) using the amount that you like. I’d go with a thin layer. Now from here, you can proceed two different ways. I believe at Pizza Hut, they bake their pizza at this point and put on all the other ingredients raw (piling them in order listed, except using sauce at the table). The way I proceeded is as follows:

After the beans are spread on, I drizzled taco sauce on- using about half the amount you would use if you were spreading pizza sauce on. Then I put about half the amount of cheese I want (the other half will go on top after it comes out of the oven) on. Then add a sprinkle of onion and tomato. I baked until the crust was done. (If using pre-baked crust- when the cheese bubbles you’re good to go!)

When you pull that out of the oven, top with the remaining ingredients, plus the other half of your cheese. My crust was quite thin and this pizza is quite high and messy- meaning difficult to eat by hand. So I cut the slices big so they could be eaten “Chicago Style” (folded in half like a taco so the toppings stay inside instead of on your shirt!). You could also serve with a fork and knife . . . . . . ..if you aren’t on way out to the ATV to go help your husband like I was last night when it came out of the oven!



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May 7, 2010

Veggie Cheese Pizza

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My dear friend, Miss Shar, sent me this recipe (and another one I’ll post later). She is a former Pampered Chef Consultant and so this has been adapted from a recipe that company has featured in the past. Miss Shar is a great cook, wife, and mother who works three different jobs! Needless to say she is a very busy lady! Because of her busy life, it is a necessity for her to buy some premade groceries. So, I’ve adapted Miss Shar’s recipe that she adapted from the big Pampered Chef! I will include Miss Shar’s quicker and easier adaptation as well so those of you who are more like Miss Shar than me can enjoy this as well!

The Recipe:

Pizza dough for 1 round pizza pan (or buy the tube in the fridge section at the grocery or the pebaked crust in the deli)
2 garlic cloves
4 oz mozzarella cheese, shredded
4 oz cheddar cheese, shredded
1 medium tomato, thinly sliced
1 medium zucchini, thinly sliced
1 sm onion (Miss Shar says, “yuck” to onions but I love them! lol)
1 C fresh mushrooms, sliced
1/4 C parmesan cheese

Bake the naked pizza crust as directed. Top the crust with the rest of the ingredients in order of the list above… (press garlic, rub on crust, add cheeses, veggies, top with parm. cheese.) Bake at 350 for 5 min. or so just long enough to melt the cheeses.

A quote from Miss Shar: I was apprehensive about this recipe but thought I’d be a big girl and try something new… I of course left off the onions and absolutely loved it. I’m not a huge zucchini fan (not b/c of the taste but b/c of the name… wierd, I know) I ate zucchini and still loved it! There is no sauce and it’s still really, really yummy! You MUST try this recipe asap… you won’t be disappointed…. Let me know what you think!

I told you she was a great lady!!!


God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif

April 21, 2010

Puff Pancake

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For every serving you want to make, you will need:

1 egg
1/4 c. flour
1/4 c. milk

For a 9×13 pan, you can make 6-8 servings. Example:

6 eggs

1 1/2 c. flour

1 1/2 c. milk

Before mixing this together, put a heavy pan in oven (stoneware or cast iron work best but any pan will do) at 400^. Add 2 Tbl of butter (real butter is best) to the pan- more or less depending on the size being made. Leave this to melt while you combine the ingredients. Use a wire whisk or your mixer to combine the ingredients until most of the lumps are gone. Open up your oven and tilt your pan to make sure the butter has coated the entire bottom of the pan. Pour in your ingredients and close the door. Leave the oven at 400^ and do not open it again for 20 min. At 20 min, check it. The puff pancake should be puffed up about double the height of the pan and turning dark brown at the highest points. The low points might be slightly moist yet but look at them and make sure it looks like just the melted butter and not doughy. Remove from oven carefully and sprinkle heavily with powdered sugar. Serve.

We usually eat it with just the powdered sugar but sometimes serve it with cooked apples or fresh strawberries. Some people leave off the powdered sugar and top it with sausage and vegetables for a heavier meal.

It’s a great breakfast and an awesome way to use up the farm fresh eggs at our house!


God is good- all the time. . . . 40.gif

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